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Delight your mouth at l' Amuse Bouche

"Still is l'Amuse Bouche really a fine-dining restaurant? It's strength is authentic, seasonal ingredients, but when you come to look at dishes such as tuna steak ratatouille with parsley mash (£11.50), the food is more homely than served in say, Pat McDonald's Paris restaurant. That's not to say it's executed poorly: the beauty of L'Amuse Bouche is it's smallish menu, where the chef takes pride in perfecting a few dishes instead of showing off wildly.

Overall, then, L'Amuse Bouche is a small operation that mixes a bit of the bistro spirit with some swanky touches. The staff are much friendier than usual for a French restaurant with fine-dining aspirations, and the food is fresh and well-executed."

Annette Rubery